Food has been a journey for Jacob and I since we got married. I’ve always liked to cook meals, but I wasn’t super confident in my skills early on, so I continued to try recipes over and over just to gain skills and knowledge. I loved Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and Pinterest pretty much saved my life, and made it so easy to find things to make that were “tried and true.” We tried to eat healthy and make good choices, but I was in my 20s and for the most part could eat what I wanted (within reason) and still feel ok and just run it off. 

Things changed a lot after I had my boys, and if you’ve read my stories, you know that my births and postpartum recoveries have been challenging for me. It wasn’t easy to find time to exercise anymore and I was dealing with a lot of changes hormonally and emotionally. I felt horrible all the time, was dealing with post partum anxiety and depression, and after my second son the aftereffects of hemorrhaging. I was looking for answers. So I turned to food. We really cleaned up our diet. It was my salvation, and has been the one thing I can depend on to help me, so I in turn want to help you and have tried to share as much as I can as my “free time” (hahaha…) permits me to.

Last year we embarked on our first Whole 30 and it has changed our lives, the way we eat and the relationship we have with food. My challenges with anxiety virtually disappear during these months, and we have also isolated what foods our bodies have the hardest time tolerating. My husband, Jacob, has lost 30 lbs eating so cleanly and motivates me to stay on track! Most of my meals if not all of my dinner meals at this point are Whole30,  and we try to eat as much Whole30 compliant food during the week as we can and then splurge here and there on the weekends, so most of the recipes I will be sharing at this point will be Whole30 approved recipes.

My meal plans are under my Nutrition tab, but I have also linked some of the recipes below. Most of my posts about recipes are just things I have found and tried, and think you might also like too. Occasionally I will make a few suggestions about changes you can make or just tips when cooking or baking as well. Hope you find something you like!

Paleo and Whole30 Recipes

Other Recipes