First, I am no expert. Let me say that again haha… I am no expert! Nutrition is solely an interest of mine, because I have learned over the years that if I am taking care of myself nutritionally, I feel better. Thankfully, I have his wife to answer my millions of questions and help me out when I have an issue to solve. I was always interested in being healthy, but after having my son and having a complicated delivery followed up by postpartum preeclampsia after my first birth, and then hemorrhaging after my second birth followed up by months of post partum depression and anxiety both times, I was REALLY REALLY interested in making some better health choices for myself. Ashley has helped me a lot and directed me to good books full of information, and has made lots of suggestions that have truly helped me feel better. That plus just reading websites and blogs online, and talking to other friends interested in cleaner eating, I feel like I have learned some things to share with you. So, again, this page is just a way to consolidate some of that for you to access a little easier!

Nutrition Topics:


Whole30 Series – Information and Meal Plans