Catching Up With the Campbells – Summer 2018

I was thinking the other day how long it had been since I started writing here in this space, so I went back and found my first post haha! Of course it was mainly about Jacey, because we didn’t have kids yet…so just in case you’re interested! It’s been about 7 years! You can also follow my posts by email if you click the link in the right column. I’m sporadic with posting so I thought that might be helpful!

So what have we been up to this summer??!! This summer we got some new patio furniture! Our patio here is a little bigger than our last, so we were able to get a table (from Wayfair) to eat at and have a little space to lounge (from Target)! Our little Jude Jude LOVES building things and “helping” Jacob when he puts things together.

Of course we’re still having LOTS of baby snuggles! I don’t know what I would do without my Solly baby wrap, this is my number one must have and its so good for them and you and those crazy postpartum times! Jenson still takes his first nap in my wrap while I make and eat breakfast, and he will snooze in it while we are out usually too. It cuts down on his crying SO much, just helps him feel more secure…it evens helps them with their digestion (saved me with his reflux!) and regulating their heart and other systems! It’s helped so much though to free my hands up to cook for us and play with the big boys. All of my boys just didn’t nap well alone until they were a little older, no matter how many times I tried laying them down, so this has helped out so much in that area.

We have started seeing so many happy smiles from this little guy, and reflux is improving. Sleep has gotten a little better some nights, but my kids just aren’t super consistent in that area!

In may we celebrated Jude’s 3rd birthday! He was so excited to have a little airplane party with our family. I just love that top picture of Jacob and his brothers.  My parents came in the day before and celebrated Jude’s actual birthday with us.

We celebrated Mother’s Day and our first trip to church with JJ as a family of five!

Jackson had his last day of school! He had a jump day/party day and then a program day. And friends, I cannot tell you how proud I was of him…the first program of the year at Thanksgiving he was like, “No thanks, I will NOT be getting on that stage and singing turkey songs.” He didn’t even want to sit with his class. But by the end of the year it was a totally different story. He stood on stage the whole time and sang all of the songs. We loved his teacher so much this year, she was a joy and just did so much for his self confidence.

I just love these brothers so very much… I’ve said it before how I had hoped Jenson would be a girl, but since he hit the scene I haven’t had another thought about wishing I had a daughter. These boys are beautiful and sweet, they are exactly what I want and I would chose them over and over again. We feel so complete here now, I don’t feel like I am missing out on anything not having a girl, and I am in love with being a boy mom. I know it will only get sweeter as they get older. The top right picture is the boys having a “dinosaur museum” hehe… they even made tickets!

We are still having a lot of firsts and some changes around here! Jenson had his 2 month check up, we made our first trip to H-E-B, lots of chiropractic adjustments, I cut about 5-6 inches off my hair and Jacob traded in his ten year old civic for a truck! Because if you live in College Station and work at Pegasus, you apparently must also drive a truck. 😉

We celebrated Memorial Day by going to a park and then grilling out on the patio!

We celebrated Fathers day, checked out the mall here…which is kind of lame haha! and enjoyed time at home together.

We’ve had some sweet visits from friends! One of my best friends, Miranda and her daughter came to visit, and then two of my old roommates from A&M drove in with their families for the day. It was so fun catching up with everyone!

In June we celebrated Jackson’s 5th birthday! I’m realizing all we do during the summer is celebrate different occasions… and there is more! I love the top picture of us at H-E-B trying to get Jackson’s balloons… Jude was terrified of them being attached to the cart, and then when we got out to the parking lot the sweet girl helping us to the car accidentally let them blow away. Jackson PANICKED, I mean lost his mind people… and I was panicking inside a little too…debating on whether I should jet across the lot and leave my kids standing there with her. But she took off, and was unsuccessful in retrieving them. She came back crying and just felt so bad, and then another couple came over and begged me to let them take us inside and buy us more. They were absolutely some of the sweetest people I have ever met…she talked Jackson down from his hysteria and helped us back to the car. This sweet grandmother climbed into the back of my car and secured the balloons and then helped us all in. Needless to say I was crying by the end of it and we were hugging as she left. I wish so badly I would have gotten her number to meet up again, her and her husband were obviously top notch people. So we got our balloons replaced and enjoyed our party weekend, but Jackson has adamantly told me multiple times he does NOT want balloons on his birthday next year haha…

We went to our first VBS here at Twin City church of Christ! The boys loved it! They had a great time singing the songs, doing activities with their classes and watching the reinactments from the high school kids. The last day we had a double rainbow that evening across our neighborhood! Just thought that was so special, they had begun the week talking about Noah and ended the week seeing God’s promise again.

More celebrating! My birthday in July and my mom’s back at the end of June.

Fourth of July fun! We spent the morning swimming with some of our dearest friends and grilled yummy burgers for lunch!

We’ve been trying to spend lots of time outside! It’s hard though because it is just BLAZING HOT most days, but we have enjoyed the trails in the nature park around our house and riding/walking the paths through the trees at the front of our neighborhood. We have seen this mama deer and her baby multiple times now and its just the sweetest thing!

Jacob and I celebrated 11 years being married! ELEVEN! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN? I still feel like I’m 23 most days hah! We had sweet friends here who offered to watch the big boys for us and we went out for lunch.

We made our first trip to Houston this summer! Jenson HATES the car, I’m talking “bloody murder makes the mama cry” kind of screaming so that is one reason why we haven’t gone too far with the little nugget yet. Jacob’s family got together to celebrate his parent’s 40th wedding anniversary and them both turning 60 this year. I told you, all we do is celebrate during the summer haha! We also enjoyed meeting our newest baby cousin, Lincoln!

We also made our first trip to Vidor and Jenson got to meet my aunt, and also got to see my cousin’s wife and kiddos! It has been about a year since we had been back to Vidor, my poor parents still aren’t back in their house since Hurricane Harvey. Hopefully it will be soon. I have missed seeing those sweet sweet people there, it was so good to see their kind faces.

We also took Jenson to daddy’s office for the first time and have lunch. He made all the ladies there swoon haha.

These are just because. 🙂 Love this little munchkin! He’s gotten so strong lately! We have just loved watching him grow…you know by that third kid, you just realize how much “baby stuff” is just a bunch of passing phases and those hard ones will go by…you don’t stress as much about it all and can just enjoy them more I feel like. If you’re on the fence about a third like we were, just do it. It’s crazy busy/nonstop/hard/exhausting but it us so worth it!

Whew! This post was exhausting hah! Hopefully the fall will settle down a bit! Hope you enjoyed seeing what we’ve been up to lately!

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What I’m Reading – August 2018

Just wanted to share the books I have read this month with you all! Pretty decent line up this month! I have really just loved reading so much lately, I’ve always enjoyed reading but it’s like I can’t get enough of it the last couple of months. I posted about the books I read last month here, and you can go to the Books tab above if you want to catch links to the individual books and also see previous book posts. You can follow me on Goodreads here.

You know, Nancy Thayer just never seems to disappoint. I’ve only read a couple of her books but I like how easy they are to get into and that they just don’t ever feel bogged down. I never have to push through to the end, and “Summer Breeze” was light and happy just like the one I read last month. I enjoyed the characters in this story, reading about the three women living on New England’s Dragonfly Lake, and how they again were navigating their futures and finding love…the girls form a unique friendship, coming from different backgrounds but all finding out what they truly wanted in life. It was one that was hard to move on from because I wanted it to keep going!

“Code Girls”. You all know I love a good WW2 story…and Code Girls kept popping up here and there as a book I might be interested in. Overall this book was extremely well researched and well written. Liza Mundy knew her stuff and obviously spent some time and effort learning about coding during the war, as well as delving into the lives of these women and their contributions. I loved reading about it all but this book was tedious and thick at times. I hate to say it but I felt like I was reading a research paper for most of this book. I pushed through, really wanting to put it down and move on, but I have a really hard time not finishing what I’ve started. I loved reading about the girls’ lives, and the progression of women’s rights during the war, but at the same time, the information about code breaking in itself was just overehelming at times for me to consider this a relaxing read, or one I would quickly recommend to a friend. I did enjoy just seeing the impact that these women had in WW2 and how their efforts helped in so many different ways, because they were obviously vital in the war moving in a positive direction for the U.S. and other countries involved.

I was really conflicted about reading “War Storm”… I was really annoyed at the end of her third novel, and actually mad that I hadn’t realized all along that she was pushing political agendas within her stories…but at the same time I was curious to see how she was going to end the series. I just am one that wants to read a story to read for pleasure, rather than underlying opinions about society. Surprisingly though, I actually enjoyed this book more than her second and third novels, and appreciated how she tied everything up at the end. It was nice to kind of see everything work out the way it did with her characters, and the message wasn’t quite as abrasive feeling as with her third story. I still wasn’t thrilled with the way Mare handled her relationship with Cal at the end, but it was definitely more positive than how the last book ended.

This was a GREAT book. I read about this online, and it really intrigued me, so I put it on hold at the library and then was able to read it this month. “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking” was so interesting to read… lots and lots of information on different personalities and personality needs when comparing introverts and extroverts, and also just history on how personality studies have evolved over the years. As someone with a lot (or mainly) introverted tendencies, it was refreshing and relieving to read about how positive an introverted personality can be and what others can learn from them. So much of the time our society makes us feel bad for wanting time alone or maybe not having a lot to say or not being interactive enough in certain situations…but what people don’t realize is that it is just a different way to operate, and there are a lot of other features that get overlooked. I highly recommend this book to everyone, just to help us understand each other better. I wish I could have read it as a teacher, to understand my students better, but I definitely have gained a lot of insight even in regards to my children through what Cain had to say. So grab this one and give it a read!

I loved “My Oxford Year.” It is a story about an American girl who takes a year to study abroad at Oxford. Of course she meets someone and falls in love, so this is a story about her adventures across the pond and how she handles certain devastating challenges that arise. There is some language in this one and some other things that definitely make it more of a PG-13 kind of book, but I didn’t feel like it was overwhelming. Cute, easy read but also prompts a lot of thought as to how we take care of one another.

“Maybe in Another Life” was also a cute book! It really caught me by surprise the way the author approached this book… I don’t know what I was expecting but after the first few chapters, she splits the story into what would have happened if this one instance happened to the main character and then what if it hadn’t. So each chapter bounces back and forth between the two paths her life could have taken. I really was sad when this one was over, and reluctantly started a new book hah! Again, kind of the same warning…some language and scenes that make this more PG-13.


I love fictional stories based on the lives of real people, that also incorporate real history into the mix. I always enjoy reading the acknowledgements at the end of the book, to learn about the real people behind the characters in the story. Cleave based this book off of his grandparents lives, and how they were involved in WW2 in Europe. A lot of this book took place in London, which I enjoyed because it is one of my favorite cities, but also because most of the books I’ve read have taken place in France and Germany, so this was a different change of pace. The writing in this book is quick humored at times and sarcastic, and overall I enjoyed reading this book. It took me a little bit to get into it, but then the story picked up and was really interesting and eye opening. WW2 was just so incredibly devastating and took so much from everyone involved…it makes me so appreciative of the sacrifices men, women and families are still making for our freedoms.

I hope there is something here that interests you, let me know what YOU are reading! I am always looking for new suggestions! Happy reading everyone!