A Dino-mite Thanksgiving!

Probably most of you know I taught 8th grade science before having my boys, so this post should come to no surprise to you. I was sooooo excited to take my little man to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. I love this place. Like I may or may not have been mainly bringing us there for myself, but I knew Jackson would be super excited about going too.  I’ve been so many times since moving to Houston… for science workshops, with my parents and friends… It’s just a fun place to go. They are so good about rotating in and out new exhibits, one of my favorites being the Titanic exhibit. 
Jackson is serious about his dinosaurs right now. This kid knows his stuff. A few months ago, I bought him a big book about dinosaurs just because he had really been interested in them and thought he would just like looking at the pictures. “No, actually Mom, I’m going to learn all of the names too. I am two you know.” – Jackson Campbell (He really didn’t say that but I felt like he did haha…) This kid is two years old and knows what a Troodon looks like, “No, that’s an Iguanadon” and can tell you that the one with a long neck is a Brachiosaurus, which has a long neck like a giraffe. (Came up with that one on his own too.) I’m constantly amazed at his memory and what he is able to do. (Ok, Mommy brag time done haha…)
Jacob is so good about taking off days around holidays so that we can have some family time to do things together. I appreciate so much that he tries to reserve days around special times of the year to spend time with us and other family; I just feel like that is important! I want Jackson to have fun memories from his childhood, like any parent does, so I thought it would be fun for this week to be a dinosaur week! On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we hit the museum so he could see some real dinosaurs and how big they really were.

Got Jude Man wrapped up and ready to go. Thanks again, Solly Baby!
I wish you could have seen his face here… he was so excited, just couldn’t believe the size. 

Looking at Mommy’s favorite!

They also had some life science exhibits with animals in different ecosystems. Thought the turkey shot would be appropriate for this week hehe.

After we toured the dinosaur exhibit, we walked upstairs and went through the Eygptian exhibits quickly and then came down to the lobby and grabbed some lunch at the McDonald’s inside the museum. Before I had a toddler I hated McDonald’s and pretty much only got breakfast there sometimes. Now I kind of don’t mind those chicken nuggets and fries and even like them. It’s amazing how kids change you haha…

Too busy eating a chicken nugget to smile!

We had such a great time at the museum! Jude did great and Jackson loved every minute! Can’t wait to come back!

Friday after Thanksgiving, we went to see the “Good Dinosaur” movie. Jackson had been seeing previews for this movie for months, so of course we had to go as soon as it hit theaters! Dinosaur t-shirt number two was ready to go and Mommy even snagged a little Arlo to join us at the theatre! 
Waiting to go into the movie!
We spent Thanksgiving with Jacob’s family this year (post coming soon!), and all of Jackson’s cousins were able to come with him to his first movie! It was so fun! And a LOT of seats to save haha!

Sitting in the theatre, ready to go! Of course there were tons of previews, Jackson kept saying, “Dinosaur movie!!!” He wasn’t a fan of all the other previews before hand haha.
Even Jude man made the party! We were running kind of late (big surprise) so we just took him with us instead of leaving him with Jacob’s mom. He did really well though, actually took a nap in the midst of the loud movie and kids laughing and making noises!
The movie was a success! Jackson loved it, and did so good sitting with us through the whole thing!

That evening, we put up our Christmas tree! I like to do this right after Thanksgiving. It’s just fun to eat a bunch of food and then the next day get ready for the next holiday! Jackson has been much more aware of Christmas this year, and was really excited to put up ornaments on the Christmas tree.

I love a sweet toddler boy in a tshirt, diaper and socks!
I’m a little behind in my posts, but hopefully one on Thanksgiving day will be coming soon! Hope you enjoyed our Dino-mite week!


New York City Vaca 2014 – Day 6 (Back Post)

So today was basically a former science teacher’s dream… we went to the American Museum of Natural History!! When we were planning out our trip and trying to decide what to do, this was like the only thing I wanted to make sure we went to haha! Except for maybe the statue of liberty of course. ;0) We stopped by Starbucks for breakfast and then took the subway down to the museum to start our day!

Mommy loves some Starbs!

Serious baby conversations with Uncle Justin about his coffee and how it’s not real New York coffee and how Uncle Adam would be disappointed that we even set foot in a Starbs here lol…

Well Hello there Mr. Roosevelt!
“Dad, who is this guy?!?!”
Enjoying some of the geology exhibits!

Mommy’s fave! Triceratops!

Always impressive :0)

Jacob, Jackson and I left the museum and headed back to the hotel while Justin and Madeline did some more walking around and sightseeing. Our concierge had given us some tiny cupcakes earlier in the week because our taxi had to drop us off way down the road in the rain with all of our luggage and a baby since the road in front of the hotel was under construction. They were so yummy that when we passed the tiny cupcake shop, Baked by Melissa, I of course had to get a few more. They were each different flavors and so fun to eat!

So many good combos! It was hard to chose a favorite!

After letting Jackson take a nap at the hotel, we met up with Justin and Madeline at Toloaches Mexican Cantina for dinner. This place had some really great Mexican food and was a nice way to end our trip! I ordered some fried avocado fries, they were interesting and I would venture to say that I enjoyed eating them as well haha. Jackson even enjoyed a few bites!

After dinner, we walked around Times Square for a little bit just taking a few moments to say good bye to the Big Apple!

Tomorrow we head back to Houston!