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Whole30 – Week 4: Meal Plans

So one of my good friends sent me this last week and I totally cracked up… her and her hubby have started Whole30 last week and she had gone shopping at the grocery store haha… I could totally relate!!!Well we are almost finished everyone!! Almost!!!You’re going to make it!What have I been doing this week??…… Continue reading Whole30 – Week 4: Meal Plans

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Whole30 – Weeks 3-4: My Thoughts

I’ve been posting after each week what we’ve been experiencing and thinking about with this program… so here we go! I’m actually combing weeks 3 and 4 because I’m behind on posting a little bit… I’ve gotten side tracked with my new Bible journaling hobby haha… which is a good side track, I’m not complaining……… Continue reading Whole30 – Weeks 3-4: My Thoughts

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Whole30 – Week 3: Meal Plans

Shopping with my guys this week… had to search all over that ridiculous parking lot for a “car cart” of course… thank you to whoever invented these things… and of course because it was green it really wasn’t the car cart of choice but guess what, sometimes life is hard and you just gotta deal,…… Continue reading Whole30 – Week 3: Meal Plans