Catching Up with the Campbells: Life update – Moving to College Station Pt. 1

I’ve been a tad M.I.A. lately… mainly because over the last 4-5 months we have been in transition MOVING! And it has been CRAY CRAY! Jacob got a job offer for a private company in College Station, TX, and while we were SO incredibly sad to leave our friends and family, it has been such a blessing for us. He is home so much more, we eat dinner together every night, a five minute commute vs. an hour and 20 min… we are so much more at peace here and having the opportunity to catch up with some of our friends we haven’t been close to since we were in college. So I thought it was appropriate to do a couple of “Catching Up with the Campbells” posts so you can kind of see what we’ve been up to over this past summer and fall. And just to warn you… these posts are going to be looooonnng… we’ve been some busy people lately!

So this whole summer we were very back and forth between Friendswood and College Station, trying to find a house and then picking out interior features for it, and then also celebrating birthdays for Jackson and my mom in June, me in July and also our TENTH anniversary… Jacob also got kidney stones that week of our anniversary, my cousin passed away suddenly and tragically and I was so sad I couldn’t attend his funeral… we had swim lessons for Jackson for two weeks that were a tad torturous, and in the middle of all of it we were getting our house ready to sell and then preparing for showings… which if you have ever tried to do with toddlers, you know it is just about the worst game you can play with them hehe… Jackson had oral surgery to take care of some cavities in July, we celebrated the fourth of July in there too and went to an Astros game and tried to hit up all of our favorite Houston “things to do” while we were still in town. We visited my parents, I met up with my former teaching gals, traded in our car and had a fabulous going away party. WHEW! And that was just June, July and August haha!!!!

This was SO bittersweet, we really thought we would be here for 20 plus years haha!
My big helper man.
On our way to College Station to meet with our builder’s wife and pick out interiors… the lady at Dunn Brothers sized up our drinks haha… maybe we looked tired or something!
Peek at the new house!
Then to my parent’s house in Vidor to celebrate Father’s day!
Swim lessons with our little buddies!
Working hard! Sweetest swim instructor ever!
Dinner with Jacob’s family to celebrate my niece’s birthday!
It’s official!
This sweet boy turned FOUR!

More visits with sweet cousins!
Went to see Cars 3!
Celebrated 4th of July hehe… Jude was really excited about our country’s independence that day.
Celebrated my 32nd birthday with a friend of mine! Sleepover downtown, massages, a facial and brunch! Yes please!
My sweet mama watched my kiddos and got me a mini bundt cake haha! (Also Jackson’s face bahaha…)
Dinner out with my original Campbell boy 😉
And back to College Station to pick out fixtures hehe…
Took the boys to an Astros’ game! Of course FOX came along!

Went down to Kemah to ride the train and go to the Aquarium, had lunch at Tookies after! Such yummy burgers!
Met up with my mom at the Houston Museum of Natural Science!
Then spent a day in Galveston at the beach!
Jude wasn’t too crazy about the sand and water that day!
Jacob and I spent the night down in Galveston for our anniversary! Sadly our ten year trip to Cabo got canceled because of our move! BOO!
I mean you have to try everything right???
So we ate a lot down there haha…
Back to the beach!
Spent some days at the splash pad!
Took a trip down to the Galveston Train Museum! My boys are obsessed with this place!

Spent a day at Nasa with Jacob’s family! Love this place too! Can you tell I used to be a science teacher??? HAH!

Speaking of Science teachers… met up with this fine ladies for lunch one day! Love them so much!
Y’all.. MORE cousins!
Sweet going away party!

We love and miss our Houston friends so much!
Fam bam pic!
And another trip to College Station during the week with Jacob! He started commuting back and forth for the work week so we went with him a few days!

Then September hit… my last living grandmother passed away the week before we were supposed to move up to College Station, so we traveled to Vidor to celebrate my Maw-Maw’s life and death, and then came back to Friendswood just in time for Hurricane Harvey to wreck the entire Texas coast. Some of my best friends lost their home, my parents had six feet of water in their home… and with so much to process in such a short amount of time, we pushed our move off another week. We sadly left the following weekend to move into a townhouse that Jacob’s company owned, for us to use in kind of a transitional period while we waited for our house to sell and for our new house to be finished. We moved up just in time for Jackson to start his Pre-School, and he did so well with it, especially considering everything that little guy had just been through and witnessed. He was so nervous going and I was so proud of him for being so brave. So the following pictures are from the month of September. I told you we have been busy! 🙂

On our way to Grandma’s House!
My cousin DeWanna and I at the visitation, haven’t seen her in years!
It’s always fun playing games on Pa-Pa’s iPad 🙂
These kind of things never get easy…
I can’t even remember the last time we were all together. It was so good seeing every again, and of course it would be Maw-Maw bringing us all back to one spot for a moment.
She has brought the BEST banana pudding for each of my grandparent’s passings… I’ve known her my whole life and she is absolutely one of the sweetest ladies ever.
This sweet lady lived a long life, dedicated to her family, and she will be missed.
Our neighborhood after the second night of rain…
Just would not stop raining!
Playing in the garage! Desperate times y’all haha!
Took a walk around the neighborhood, it was so windy!
Because what else do you do when you have been cooped up for days?!
Waited in line for groceries with my neighbor! We were cracking up because we dressed the same that morning haha…
So after the storm went through Houston, it bounced back and up East to my parent’s part of the state… they had to evacuate and be picked up by a boat.
My sister and brother-in-law had stayed overnight after the funeral and kind of ended up getting stuck there for the storm.
I just cried my eyes out when my sister sent me this picture… this has been such a hard thing for them this year.
I-10! So crazy!
My parent’s house at some point… they ended up with around 6 feet of water in their home. Pretty much lost everything.
My parents had evacuated to my Aunt’s house in Houston, so we met them for dinner on the way up to College Station. I don’t know that I have ever been more grateful and happy to see their faces as I was that night.
And then school started! He is so ready!
Jackson and his teacher! She is just the sweetest!
Spending his first day as an only child with Mommy!
First day of school reward!
A look at our townhouse neighborhood.

Whew! So serious update here! If you made it to the end, I think you deserve a trophy… or at least a cookie. I’ll be following up with Part 2 once I can get around to it!


To Grandma’s House We Go!

If you have checked out the About Me tab above, then you know I grew up in Vidor, TX. And yes, I am proud of that. Because people need to know that normal nice people come out of there haha and maybe some of you are saying, well who are you talking about???

When I was in college, most of my classes were huge, so most days I sat by a new person and usually people are good about small talk before class starts, so a common question was, “Where are you from?” And I would get one of two responses… one was, “oh… really… you’re from THERE??? Isn’t that where blah blah blah…” or people would have no idea where Vidor was and couldn’t care less. Anyway, that’s a total tangent when all I’m about to say is that we went to visit my parents in Vidor this past weekend haha… and I love my home town and am proud of it. It was such a great little place to grow up and I have sweet memories and friends there.
Friday, we spent the morning at home playing and watching movies so mommy could frantically run around trying to get all of our stuff together. If you have kids, you know it takes an incredible amount of stuff for them to function.

“Why do you buy me toys mom, just give me a measuring cup.”
Then one of my best friends stopped by to pick up some oils she ordered and she dropped off EXACTLY what I needed to get through the afternoon!!! Love!!
After Jacob got home from work and the boys woke up from their naps, we packed up the car and headed over to Vidor-ville. It takes almost/about two hours from Friendswood to get there, and once we can get out of our part of Houston, it’s not a bad drive. 
This little dude takes soooo long to fall asleep in the car… and then only sleeps 30 minutes.
Had to bring his fox to cuddle with. 🙂
As soon as we walk in the door, the boys are ready to PLAY. My parents saved so many of our old toys from when my sister and I were growing up, and Jackson thinks they are the greatest things ever to play with! Novelty gets you everywhere with kids!
I love watching my Dad play with my boys. Sometimes I feel bad for him that he had to put up with my sister and me being all dramatic and girly our whole lives, so it’s been fun to watch him play with these little dudes. That toy to the left in the picture below, the little people zoo, was a “gift” from Joanna when she was born haha… 
And because my Mommy loves me a lot, she made my Great Grandmother’s gumbo. I’m obsessed. I jokingly suggested it for dinner when she asked me what I wanted to eat, and the next time I talked to her she was all like, “yeah I got the stuff.” 🙂
Thanks MOM!
It’s always been a good dinner if you end up only in your diaper afterwards. #bluestripe #momchangemydiaper

And again because my mommy loves me… apple crisp. I may or may not have eaten this three times this weekend. I did go run Saturday morning… as if that helps at all. 😉

On Saturday, we just hung out at my parents house and just let the boys play. It’s nice to just get up and sit around on a Saturday morning and let your momma make you breakfast. That’s what I did. And I can’t remember the last time I did that! Again, thanks Mom! 🙂 
Snuggles with Papa!
One of the perks of your baby deciding they don’t want to nurse anymore, Gramma can feed him!
Jude has recently started eating solids, or beginning to figure out solids I should say. He loves to try to feed himself. I did baby led weaning/solids with Jackson because he also liked feeding himself and didn’t really like me spoon feeding him. I’ve been trying to do both with Jude, but he really enjoys trying to eat with his own hands and it’s a really cute mess. He’s had pears, bananas, avocado and softened apples so far and also had some cheese and cantaloupe at my Mom’s. It’s really impressive to watch him I think, and he gets more of it than you think! 
After naps, my Dad came in with his annual “I have something red in my pocket for everyone and am trying to be sneaky about it even though I do it every year so you know it’s coming” haha… For the last 15 years or more, my Dad has been getting my sister and I silver coin ornaments. They are so beautiful and each year have a different holiday design on one side and the year on the back. The last couple of years Dad has been getting them for my boys, and this was Jude’s first one! 
Who needs a fancy coin, just gimme that pouch to chew on!
My sister and I with our coins! (You might spot my favorite mug from my Granddad sitting there!)
After lunch, we just cuddled and played some more. I really love days like this where I don’t have anything “to do” or anywhere to rush around to. I can just sit with my family and enjoy them. The best. 
I love this so much!
After Jackson got up from his nap, my Dad gave him his coin too. Love his little face! So sweet!
We were planning on going to a Fish Fry Saturday with my parents that was being hosted by some sweet people from church here, but both boys woke from naps not feeling good and coughing… of course!! So we just stayed in out of the cold and let the boys rest. I feel like almost every time I bring them home they get sick haha, how does this always happen?!
Sunday morning we got up and went to church and then came back to my mom’s for lunch, more playing and naps!
Because once you have kids, no one cares about taking pictures with you anymore!
This one may or may not have ended up becoming my mom’s new phone background mysteriously… still not sure how that happened. 😉
Not sure if I’ve said this lately, but I love this guy. He has made my life so wonderful. 🙂
My sweet Grandmom June 🙂

We headed back home once the boys had a chance to take naps. Jackson was pretty miserable the whole way home, crying every time he coughed. I think he ate 8 pieces of chocolate because I was just trying to keep him distracted and happy so his little brother could get a little nap haha… #desperate

So of course, Monday morning we ended up at the doctor’s office with a Starbucks vanilla frappucchino in my little one’s hands. Because “milkshakes” always make doctors visits easier. He did so great and did everything the doctor asked him to without getting upset. I was really proud of him! Thankfully it was just a cold, but this momma would rather be safe than sorry, especially when they are having trouble breathing from coughing so much! Eek! 

Hope you enjoyed our weekend! More to come soon for Thanksgiving activities!