About Me

So you clicked on this tab because you are a little interested about who I am, so I thought I would use this small space to share a few things about me and my family. :0) I am a small town girl, born and raised in Vidor, TX. Yes, I am admitting that haha… some people think I’m crazy for that but it really is a great place to grow up. I have memories and friends that I will carry with me for the rest of my life! I went to Texas A&M University and majored in Interdisciplinary Studies in Grades 4-8 Math and Science. I started dating my husband there, and in 2007 we got married. Jacob finished his Master’s degree in Finance and then we moved to Houston, where he began his career with Ernst and Young and I started working for Clear Creek ISD teaching 8th grade Science. I also have a younger sister who now lives in Houston with her hubbie too, who is also a teacher and photographer! After 5 years of teaching, we got pregnant with our first son and had him in June of 2013. His name is Jackson and he is now three years old. 

I now am a stay at home Mom, and I can say at this point that I love it. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am so thankful I get to spend every day with them. We just finished building our new home in 2014 and are loving living in Friendswood. We got pregnant with our second son while we were building, and had him in May. His name is Jude and he is now 16 months old. It has been a wonderful 9 years of marriage so far and we have enjoyed the experiences of buying our first home together, traveling, having babies and Jacob advancing in his career with different companies. We love our little life together and are so incredibly thankful for each other and everything God has placed in our lives, good and bad. I look at where we are now and just can’t believe all that we have done/been through and have. I hope you enjoy sharing it with us in my little space of thoughts here.







I feel like I have a lot of different interests, which is kind of what this blog is about. I love reading and I love reading people’s blogs online, and when my friend started her blog years ago, I thought, “Hey, maybe I will start one too!” I basically just talk about things that interest me in hopes that you will find something that interests you. I love to travel, cook and bake, garden, read, organize, listening to classical music but am first and foremost a Christian! So you will also see a lot of posts related to my spiritual beliefs and other devotional moments. Since I am a Mommy now, with the privilege of staying home with my babes, I also post some things about babies and mommy stuff. I also have a spunky, insanely affectionate… like obsessively friendly labradoodle who loves nothing more than to follow me around all. day. long. named Jacey. 


Thanks for stopping by!