Whole30 – Week 2: My Thoughts

So one of the things I really liked about the Whole30 Guidebook is that they have a timeline of the month and how you can expect to feel. It has been really interesting because it has been extremely accurate in how Jacob and I have felt this week. One of the reasons I wanted to do posts about my thoughts was just to keep track of some things we were noticing in case we wanted to revisit our first “experience.” hehe

How I felt during the week:
  • This week I was noticeably thirsty… it was kind of weird! But then I was reading in my guidebook that this can be totally normal. They weren’t completely sure why, but some thoughts are that cutting out processed foods also cuts out a lot of sodium, which makes your body retain water. They recommended eating more “wet” foods like veggies a fruits, up your water intake and adding salt or sea salt to the food you are preparing.
  • So the guar gum in the coconut milk and my tummy are not friends. It seems as if it doesn’t bother me when I cook with it, but I cannot drink it straight with my coffee in the morning. For that reason, I made some almond milk from the Against All Grain cookbook and it is so delicious in my morning coffee. It was super easy to make too so that’s always a plus. See my Week 2 Meal post for more info. I also drink black tea some mornings if I want something a little less acidic.
  • I still have been tired this week, but it has been different… it is a completely exhausted because I’m not sleeping as much as I need to tired, but I’ve still had good energy to keep up with the boys and taking care of our home all day. I told my hubby that it’s kind of been weird hehe.
  • My clothes are fitting so. much. better. and I haven’t even been exercising! I want to, and hopefully will be adding running back into my routine but I have just been so worn out lately that I am just ready for bed at night! it’s been nice though because my whole life I have had to exercise to lose weight, and run and run and run… but this time I just changed my diet drastically and my body did what it was designed to do. So cool! 
I usually don’t post stuff like this but I was too excited to get into these jeans to not take a pic! haha!
  • I haven’t been having the blood sugar spikes and drops like I used to have. Before doing Whole30, I would feel really sick if I didn’t eat often enough, would get nauseated and shaky… maybe even a little hangry haha… but now my meals are lasting longer and my body is so much more even. Another reason I am hoping I can keep up a lot of this diet after the 30 days!
Thoughts on Food:
  • I definitely needed to eat some form of carb for each meal. I found that when I didn’t eat enough carbs, I would be super light headed during the day. So this week I was trying to be better about having more carbs like sweet potatoes for each of my meals, or other starchy veggies.
  • I’m also trying to be better about eating more veggies… not sure if I’m getting enough at each meal. 
  • I am still loving the meals we are putting together. The recipes are simplistic, and aside from some odd ingredients I haven’t used before, it really doesn’t take a lot of effort! You just have to do it!
This has definitely helped me stay on track so far… hahaha….
  • Food just tastes better. It is more flavorful. I just enjoy eating more. I don’t have those massive cravings for specific things, I just eat and feel good after. It’s nice enjoying your meal and not worrying about “how much” you are eating, or what kind of calories are involved… and it’s really nice feeling good after you ate and not like you need to go lie down haha!!
  • My cravings are getting better for the most part… working on replacing things with better options so this can be more long term. Cutting things permanently can be unrealistic at times, so instead of eating muffins in the afternoon when my kids are sleeping, I grab some unsweetened applesauce or a larabar. Kind of a healthier treat option. 

Random Facts I learned: Like I said in my first post, I like information and organizing things I read about, so that is what this section is for. 🙂

  • With grains and legumes (beans etc.), there are better options for fiber and nutrients fruits and veggies that don’t raise your Glycemic index to high too quickly and have better benefits for your body.
  • Grains contain compounds that are called anti-nutrients, which attach to minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium) and change them into an indigestible form, so your body can’t absorb them in the small intestine. So all those nights I was eating cereal with milk, the grains could actually prohibit my body from absorbing the calcium in the milk.
    • “Eating a nutrient is not the same as being able to use that nutrient.” – (pg. 112, It Starts With Food)
  • Gluten is a protein resistant to digestion, which is why some people cannot tolerate gluten in their diets. Some of these proteins actually change the function of the intestinal barrier and can enter inside our body and interact with immune cells in our body, causing lots of inflammation and other autoimmune diseases… think about asthma, allergies, Crohns, eczema, fibromyalgia…
    • What I also found interesting is that these effects can be seen in our brains in the form of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder… one of the biggest reason I have been doing this diet is to hopefully help me with my anxiety and figure out what is causing it. 
  • Peanuts are legumes that contain protein structures that also can cross the intestinal barrier and cause inflammation in the body. Try using sunflower butter instead of peanut butter.

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