What I’m Reading – 2015 Fall Book Reviews

As I’ve been saying lately, I’m a little behind in my posts! I have so many ideas floating around in my head but just don’t have the time to sit down and write them all down! I start drafts for blog posts and never get around to finishing them sometimes haha! 
One thing I’ve been trying to do more of the past few months is just being better about reading books. I really enjoy my mommy quiet time in the afternoon and before I go to bed, and lately I’ve been trying to fill some of that time with a few moments immersed in another world. :0) I love the world  of little boys I’m in but it’s nice to escape to a quieter place sometimes!
Since I’m not reading a ton of books, I decided to just do a quarterly post of the books I have read. I did my first post over the summer books here. You can also see the list and links of books in the book tab above and follow me on Good Reads here.
One of my best friends gave me this book for my birthday. I had it listed on my GoodReads list of books I wanted to read, so she snagged a copy and surprised me with it. Y’all… I loved this book. It was one of the cutest, funniest, sweetest books I’ve ever read. I thoroughly enjoyed every page of it. It was a clean, fun read and really kept me wanting to get through it to read more of her personal stories about friends in life. One thing I really liked was that she is an Aggie, so a lot of her stories were things I could relate to from attending Texas A&M myself! Couple of my favorite excerpts are below…


After I finished the book, I passed it back to her so she could read it too. I thought it would be fun for her to get some little messages about why Nobody is Cuter Than Her hehe :0) I think she enjoyed her sweet notes throughout the book, I definitely had fun writing them!

Yikes this book creeped me out a bit! This whole book consisted of letters between Wormwood and Screwtape, about how Wormwood was working over his “patient,” which was a man he was following around trying to direct his soul to Hell. It took me a while to get through this one, mainly because the language is serious and somewhat difficult to follow, and when I’m reading at night I am zonked haha! But wow, so many incredible things to think about… how I consider things, thoughts that pop into my head about situations and people… negative thoughts and words that are being swayed by Satan that I hadn’t even considered before… I was really amazed at everything C.S. Lewis thought of in this read, and was impressed at the way he presented the stories. It definitely kept me thinking about my own actions and approach to my own life for sure! 
Doesn’t this just make you shudder? To consider that demons or Satan is stalking us, constantly trying to distract us from God?

I downloaded this book for free one day on my Amazon Kindle app when one of my friends, Jessica suggested it to me. I read this one simultaneously with “Nobody is Cuter Than You,” which was actually confusing at times haha but it was fun to read her stories about friendship at the same time I was reading about her stories about marriage. I really loved reading this book. It was so lighthearted, yet serious, with so many hilarious situations that we all find ourselves in with our marriages. She literally had me laughing out loud at times because of course we had had similar conversations or experiences in our marriages. It is funny how men and women can be so different at times! She had so many good things to say about marriage, so many funny and serious stories, full of advice and encouragement to take care of one of the most precious relationships in our lives. Here are some of my favorite quotes below… My personal favorite is the part I highlighted at the very end of the book… “Wherever he is, that’s my home.”

This was a great read as well, a very interesting story set in Europe during the time of World War 2. What I liked about this book was how it jumped around, one chapter would tell the perspective of what one character was going through and the next would talk about what the other character was going through. It would even jump from before the war to during and after, so at times I had to double check the date at the beginning of the chapters to keep up! It was interesting to follow the lives of the two individuals the book was about and how they eventually end up crossing paths. You all know I look for clean books, so that is my only annoyance with this read… the first half of the book was great, but when we got into the Nazi training schools and the war, there was some language involved, which I understand is part of the situation the character was in, but I still just hate reading it. I almost stopped reading the book, but after 8-9 curse words in the middle section, the last half of the book was fine. It was easy to get immersed in this story, and there was a lot of interesting perspectives to think about. Definitely made me thankful for our safe country and times!
Hope you enjoyed the suggestions, happy reading peeps! :0)

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