Jude’s Nursery

Oh those poor second babies… they are four months old before their nursery is finished. Of course, their older sibling’s nursery was completed months before their birth… but this time around we weren’t quite as prepared hehe! Part of the reason was because big brother was still using the crib, so we had to get new bunk beds for him and go through that whole transition, which has gone well so far! We also had moved last October, so this room was our “catch all” room for a while, then Jackson’s play room for a few moments and then finally we cleaned it up for my serious man Jude. 
I love his room. It’s so cozy and cute I think, and so many pieces in his nursery have special meaning because of who they are from or where I got them from. (Disclaimer: If my sister sees this she will not approve of my pictures because the lighting is horrible haha… I probably should take some lessons from her!!)

We got our furniture from Ikea. The matching chest of drawers is in my older son’s room. The bicycle on the wall was from Jacob’s aunt, I just repainted it. The laundry hamper is from 31 bags, as is a TON of other things we have because both of my sister in law’s sell it haha! The shelf on the right is from my classroom, I repainted that as well.

I found a couple of sweet things on Etsy for my little Jude, one being the name meaning in the middle and the verse at the top from the book of Jude. I also got the other two framed pictures off of Etsy too. Etsy is the best place to go to find personalized, unique things for your baby’s room!

Our rocker is from Little Castle, and is probably my most favorite thing we bought for our boy’s rooms. It is so comfy! The table on the right was from my Granddad’s office. My mom let me take it home after he passed away right before I had my first son. The rug is from Hobby Lobby, and the basket and ottoman poof are from Target. I love the “shake, rattle and roll” portraits in the corner, they were from Jackson’s shower and made by the friend that hosted my shower!

I love wall collages… I’m a little obsessed with wall collages… sometime I’ll have to post about my stairwell collages because they are getting a little out of control but I love them so much! Most of these things were from Jackson’s room, but there are a few new items. The cross-stitched bicycle was from a good friend of mine, as is the Jude decoupage. We got his name at the little friend shower that was given to us to celebrate him! (and Yes I was just a tad excited about the name haha) P.S. that is Jude’s sonogram in the frame… There was a good chance that it would still be Jackson but I did switch them out haha…

My Mother-in-law made our bedding for us once I picked out the fabric. I found this bicycle fabric online and then found multiple sites that sold it and was able to order what we needed. The chevron blanket is a stroller blanket from Pottery Barn Kids. I absolutely love their stroller blankets!

These bicycle portraits were given to us from my Mom when we had Jackson. Also an Etsy find, and I absolutely love them. You could choose the colors so it was easy to perfectly match them to the bedding.

The little bag is 31 again, and the lamp was recovered by a friend I used to work with. Love the picture from my friend Kelsey! See, I told you we have bits and pieces of all kinds of people and memories in this room!

I love this little corner. I have spent so many hours already rocking my baby boy here, nursing and feeding him and cuddling him. (The stool in the picture was Jacob’s (my hubbie) when he was growing up.)  I think nurseries are probably my favorite rooms to decorate, and it was really tempting to do a new theme for Jude, but I love the bicycles so much so I just decided to keep them! There are so many thoughts and dreams associated with his room, so many sweet beginnings. Nurseries are such special places, so I am glad I got to share Jude’s with you! Here are some of the newborn pictures of my little love bug. :0) The first couple were taken in the hospital, and the others are a month later.



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