Packing for the BIG trip to the hospital!!

Well, you hit 36-37 weeks and you start hearing that you need to pack a bag for the hospital, just in case, right?? Even though you would have time during the early part of your labor to get things together, it is better to be prepared!! 

37 Week Belly Belly!

So I thought I would do a quick post on what I have brought before and also what I am planning on bringing this time around. Some of these things I brought last time and were definitely worth it, and a few things are new that I have read about from other random blogs online. I would try to be conservative, you won’t be there long, and you will leave with more than you came with!

What to pack for Mom:

Pack a little cosmetic bag with your favorite travel sized items… the bag you see here is a 31 bag. Two of my sister in laws sell 31 bags so I have a TON of it! haha!
  • lotion/body wash
  • shampoo/conditioner – yes you will at some point be able to shower and wash your hair! yay!
  • deoderant
  • floss/toothbrush/toothpaste
  • cue-tips
  • compact brush/hair ties/head band
  • kleenex
  • face wipes – these are nice for when you can’t shower or if you have a c-section and can’t really get out of bed quite yet to wash your face
  • dry shampoo – in case you don’t want to wash your hair again or feel like you can’t (I will never forget my mom helping me in the shower after my c-section with my hair! What would we do without our mommies!?)
  • hair dryer – I love my hair dryer, so I’m planning on bringing it hehe!
  • makeup – I don’t think I put any on after my first birth but some people feel like wearing it!
  • driver’s license and medical cards

What to bring for Mom to wear:
  • Nursing Nightgown – I got this one from Macy’s. It has an elastic neck so you can pull it down for easy nursing. I am planning on finding another one before baby comes hopefully! This one looks like a good option on Amazon, very similar to the one I own. I usually don’t wear nightgowns, I prefer shorts and a top, but regardless of what birth outcome you have, it will be easier for nurses to take care of things for you! ;0)
  • Robe – You will most likely have lots of visitors! I used this a couple of times to cover up really quickly if we had visitors (like my friend’s hubbies! hehe!) that I wanted to be more conservative around!
  • Boy Short Undies – These were the BEST to have after birth with Jackson. I normally wear a size small, but I bought these from Target in a size large. You don’t want anything restrictive on you after birth, trust me on that! I read online that this style of undies were great for after giving birth and whoever advised that weren’t joking!
  • Nursing Bras – I brought a couple of sleep nursing bras and a normal nursing bra. Medela makes great sleep nursing bras, (I would size up, I normally wear a small but I ordered a medium and it fit well.) and this Bravado bra has been my go to for daily wear. Yes, they are a little pricey, but so worth it and so comfortable, and trust me, you want to be comfortable!!
  • Lanolin Cream – Yes, bring your lanolin cream with you, they won’t have any at the hospital and you possibly may need some. 
  • Nursing Pads – I like the washable kind of nursing pads. I don’t leak a ton, so these are great and easy to change out and wash. The disposable ones aren’t nearly as forgiving for soreness, cracking ect. that can happen when you are first beginning with nursing!
  • Slippers for walking the halls or Flip Flops
  • Going home outfit – I usually bring a couple of things because I don’t know what I will feel like wearing. Maternity pants are a good go to, you will still look a little prego when you leave! I am also bringing a high waisted maxi dress, those are pretty comfy too. :0)
  • Some people recommend bringing pads ect for after because they prefer specific brands, but I just used what the hospital provided and they were fine.

Yes Dad, that’s my bra online for the world to see haha… 
This is something you need to ask about before you go to the hospital… I got this band from the hospital after my first c-section and it was AMAZING. They wrapped me up in this and it helped so much to support my core after surgery. If it is your first birth, I would just ask your doctor if the hospital provides them. If not, you may want to find some kind of belly binder for after birth. There were a couple of times I took this off for an hour or two to wash it and thought I was going to die. It is totally worth it to buy one and bring with you. This Post Delivery Belt is very similar to what I have and would be helpful for either kind of birth I think. These are also good to just help your body “bounce back” a little faster from what I have read. I have also read that other countries are big on wrapping your tummy after birth to help things go back where they belong, and I would agree that this baby helped things go back down a little faster!

What to pack for Dad:

  • Cosmetic stuff
  • Swimming trunks – two of my friends recommended this because their hubbies were in and out of the shower with them helping with back labor 
  • Flip Flops
  • Comfy Clothes for a few days
  • Tennis balls ect. that you may need to use for labor
  • driver’s license and medical cards – you definitely want Dad to be able to go into the hospital with you!!!

What to pack for Baby:

For my first birth I brought my whole diaper bag, I know, overkill! haha… but this time I am just bringing my purse/Mommy bag and packing a few things for the baby in my bag. You really don’t need as much as you think, just because the hospital provides diapers, wipes, blankets… most of what you need for your new little one. Just think about if there is anything personal you would like to have with you.

  • Going home outfit
  • Couple of newborn gowns – we didn’t do this with Jackson but I am bringing a couple this time. for Jude.
  • Nail file – Jackson’s nails were SO long, it was bizarre! Just would have been nice to have this so he didn’t scratch his face!
  • Burp Cloth
  • Don’t forget the infant carseat!

Some other random things for everyone

  • Sound Machine – seems unnecessary right? But it’s not. I would recommend either getting a white noise app or a cheap white noise machine to block out hospital noise from people in the hallway or next door neighbors. We heard a lot from the people next to us with their new little one, and you are already waking with your own baby or nurses coming to take random vitals so the white noise will be nice!
  • Nursing Pillow – I didn’t bring this with Jackson but I am this time. I just used a pillow from the hospital but it was hard to balance him on it and he would slide around easily. This is my favorite pillow, not as big as the Boppy and I only had to pay for shipping with a promo code I found. Yep, it was FREE.
  • Snacks – Bring some granola bars, nuts, coconut water to keep you hydrated during labor, and pineapple juice supposedly is good to help with milk supply
  • Phone Chargers
  • Camera
  • Sibling Gifts – We are planning on having Jackson bring a little gift to the hospital for Jude and one for Jude to give him. Just thought it would be fun :0)

Big brother testing out the sound machine, making sure it works!

So these are just some ideas from a Momma! I hope it helps you plan what you need for your trip to the hospital! It is so weird to think that coming home you will not be prego anymore and you will have this new little human with you!! Happy birthing!!


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