Baby J2 is a … BOY!

For my first son we didn’t do a gender reveal party, I think mainly because I was too excited and couldn’t wait to tell everyone but also because my hubbie was working tons of hours with Ernst and Young on nights and weekends, and honestly we couldn’t fit one in! But this time around, I just thought it would be fun to share the news to all of our family at once, and doing it in person! Besides that, there aren’t many occasions when both of our families get together, maybe just for a birthday party for my little or randomly here and there. I didn’t spend a ton of time on this, there is SO SO SO much you can do and with an 18 month old running around crazy/wanting to sit in my lap as much as possible, I was doing good to get the house cleaned and some food ready hehe! We had so much family drive to come to this though, even though half of us live in Houston it still takes us an hour to get to each other’s houses, and we appreciated the effort! It meant so much to us to have you there with us celebrating our good news! Hope you enjoy seeing some of the pictures of the fam and our silly lips and mustaches. I think (and hope and pray hehe!) Jackson will enjoy having a little brother/sidekick come May.

In case you are interested in the cake pop recipe I used, I got this recipe from Pinterest. Super super easy, just make sure you make them the night before so they can set overnight!
All of our ultra sound picture so far.)
My Mom and Abigail
Little buddies just enjoying some pizza together!
Nana and Olivia (cousin)
Bridget (Someday Dreams Blog) and my Sis!
Amber and Abigail (cousin)!
Getting Ready! What will it be?!
Team GIRL!
Team BOY!
It’s a BOY!
Whoo hoo!!!
Face timing with my cousin, Adam and his wife, Ashley.
(Sorry Madeline, we tried to Skype you but you were offline!)
I think Jackson is a little more excited about the cake ball at this point… I mean, come on, sweet yummy cake dessert on a stick?? How much more could a toddler want?!

Brothers playing with the little big brother. :0)
Big Sister Jacey is soooo excited about another little one in the house hahaha…. 

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