Compelled to Change! – J.T.

One thing I always appreciate is getting the North Main Church of Christ bulletin in the mail. (Their website) It’s been a great way for me to keep up with some of the people there. Occasionally though my Granddad will type up a little article in them and I just thought I would share this one with you. He used to be a preacher for many many years, and I know even now he misses it. One thing I’ve always admired about him is that he has always done what is needed, and has always done anything and everything he can to help others and serve God. Even now, at 83 years old, he is still doing what he can to spread God’s work and to do something for others. He is a tremendous example to me. Hope you enjoy the little reading below.

Compelled to Change!

There is not a single one who shall read this that has not made a change from one thing to another in their past life. If you are a child of God you become such because you were willing to change your way of living. You did so because you realized the errors of your ways and the need of New Testament obedience. Only this action will prepare a person to please God.

It makes no difference how long a person may have been in error, we would not be justified to continue therein. Jesus says, “This people honoreth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in cain do they worship me, teaching as their doctrine the precepts of men.” (Matthew 15:8-9) Christ is simply saying, “It makes no difference how much tradition, or how long you have been doing any particular thing, unless our action, work and worship are found in God’s work, we worship or serve in vain.” If we seek to justify our action by saying, “We have always done it this way,” we are seeking the wrong authority. We must justify what we do by the Word of God as our authority. When we cannot find it in God’s word, we are compelled to make a change, correct what may have been in error, doing what God has commanded of us in the manner or way that he has commanded.

It is possible for man to please God without making a change when he finds that he is in error? If one sees himself in error and continues therein, he is guilty of willful sin which is condemned by Jehovah. Yes, man is compelled to change the things in his (or her) life that are contrary to the scriptures. We must measure our life by God’s word and then bring it into harmony therewith, if we expect Jehovah to bless us in this life and in the world which is to come. 

– Jack Thompson


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